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Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Quiz
1) OSHA regulations require some type of fall protection above how many feet in residential construction?
2) To make sure all PV projects are completed safely, employers should have policies and procedures which ___________________________________. (Choose three)
3) Electrocution is the leading cause of death in the construction industry.
4) Fall protection systems can include which three of the following:
5) Following OSHA 29 CFR 1926.502(d), choose the three components of a Personal Fall Arrest System from the list below:
6) A properly designed Personal Fall Arrest System must (choose three)
7) A safety anchor must have the capability of supporting at least ________ pounds per employee attached.
8) A body harness used in a personal fall arrest system must have the attachment point located in the center of the wearer’s back.
9) A ‘positioning device system’ shall (choose two)
10) Roof anchors, dee-rings, and snaphooks with rust on them are not required to be removed from service.
11) Choose two methods below used to prevent workers from falling more than 6 feet through a skylight.
12) Ropes or lanyards used as part of a fall protection system must be made from synthetic fibers.
13) Dee-rings and snaphooks used in a personal fall arrest system must
14) After a worker has taken a fall on their personal fall arrest system, it
15) Where a PV installation crew is using vertical lifelines as part of their personal fall protection system,
16) When inspecting fall protection equipment look for

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