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  • How much does a new roof cost?
    Several factors affect the cost involved with installing your new roof… Materials Like EVERYTHING in life, You get what you pay for. With so many roofing products on the market, We can help you choose the right products for every application on your home! Size If your home is large your roof will definitely cost more than a smaller house. Complexity All the LITTLE DETAILS of a roof affect the price. This might be a lot of reading, but we encourage you to consider and understand what it takes to install a new roof. COMPLEXITY is the factor that most affects your new roof price. Existing layers, Flashings, valleys, chimneys, dormers, cladding style, roof mounted hardware, Ventilation requirements, framing repairs, overall condition of the property and accessibility (Steep roof, 2-story,excessive landscaping) all play a role in the level of effort required to complete your project Who As with any purchase in life, much of the time, You can expect a trusted company that has stood the test of time to cost a little more than a company that is just starting out in the market. An established company with a brick and mortar location can give you peace of mind should you have an issue arise after the installation. It is best to consider an established company with a minimum of 5 years in operation with a track record of customer satisfaction. A good question for any company you are considering hiring is, WHO is the owner? And HOW can I contact Him/Her should a concern arise? How Not all roofing contractors use the same methods of installation. Just because a roofing contractor has a license does not mean they will install a roof to code. Many areas of southern Illinois are unregulated by building departments and home owners have to rely on a company they can trust to install their roof beyond the recommended code requirements. Also, not all roofing contractors RECYCLE the waste from your old roof.
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