The AO Crew

Alpha and Omega Construction and Remodeling was founded in 2010 by Justin Matthews.  We focus primarily on Roof Replacement and Repairs, Seamless Gutters, Siding, and Exterior Remodeling.
Altogether, Alpha and Omega's team have more than 50 years of experience in the construction business.  We have grown at a steady rate and continue to offer superior service and quality materials to our customers. 
Quality control and customer satisfaction continue to be vital to our success.  Our employees are trained to maintain a high level of precision and consistency while also maintaining high safety standards.  
Alpha and Omega Construction has you covered "from start to finish".
From small repairs (time and materials jobs) to complete exterior renovations with written contracts, A&O does it all.
Our contracts are simple yet comprehensive with reasonable terms.
Justin Matthews - Owner

Justin started Alpha and Omega Construction and Remodeling in 2010. Up until that point he worked in the construction trades and sales. He has an eye for detail which has contributed to the success of the company. For more than 7 years his business has been known and trusted for excellent service and guaranteed craftsmanship. Now he is taking his company and expanding it abroad.

Russell Sanderson - General Manager
Clayton Simmons
Cory Norville
Dave Hall
Devin Kempfer
Jacob Sinclair - Office Administrator
Shane Lother