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Solar Generator Installation

Did you know that we now offer installation of SOLAR PANELS for your roof or back yard? 


What makes solar such a great fit for Alpha and Omega Construction?


The answer is simple. 


I'm sure you can imagine the complications that would arise from the following scenario...


Over the past year we have been approached by a couple different companies (from other regions / states) interested in contracting Alpha and Omega Construction to install the roofing portion of a solar project leaving THEIR solar installers to complete the panel installation on top of your house.


While we appreciate their consideration, it leaves our business in a position of extreme liability. We are not able to warranty a roof system, knowing up front, that another company, with several installers, will be immediately accessing your beautiful new roof. 


That's why we have recently partnered with a local electrical supply company AND an ICDG Installer. (Illinois Certified Distributed Generation - Solar Energy)


We work together to bring you a COMPREHENSIVE INSTALLATION that is guaranteed by ONE company. (Alpha and Omega Construction) 

This way, you can have peace of mind knowing a Licensed General Contractor guarantees your roof not to leak upon completion of the entire project.

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